How can you get in touch with us?

You’ll find the Studio in the very center of Milan in Via Andrea Doria 20 . Or if you just need a quick answer, feel free to send us an email here. We are also available on Skype and Facebook.

Which photography services do we offer?

Regardless of which package you choose in the end, every photo shoot includes the presence of at least one professional photographer for your entire event, be that from 5am until midnight or less. You will receive a USB stick that contains all of your wedding photos in high resolution. Of course, we personalize every package according to your needs and wishes.

How long before the big day will you hae to book our services and how does the booking process roll out?

Normally we receive booking requests for wedding photo shoots between 6 and 12 months ahead of time, sometimes more. The earlier you contact us, the more likely we will be available on the day of your wedding. We block a substantial amount of time beforehand to get acquainted with you, with the location, look at all available light sources and measure possible travel times. We also coose our photographic equipment on the basis of light, space and style of shoot you have chosen together with us in the studio. We make sure everything is absolutely shipshape for the hours we document. That way we will be at our best when you are at your best. Some of you are quick at decision-making and want to get married as soon as possible. We are prepared for you too! Just give us a shout and we will see how we can accomodate you. In case none of us are available and the date is already set, we will help you find a valid alternative. Make sure you fix an appointment with us to sign our contract and leave the required deposit to ensure the booking is valid.

Will we meet before the wedding day?

Encountering the protagonists of our photo shoots ahead of time is not only a pleasure but an obligation for us! We want to know everything about you on that day, where you will be at what time of the day, how many of you, what exactly you want us to capture. We will also decide if one photographer is enough to cover all aspects of the wedding or if you require a more comprehensive service with two professionals because you might have chosen complex settings or events in different locations (such as getting dressed or going to the hairdresser) at the same time. We will also show you different styles of past photographic works and point out some choices which couples have made before you and how they translated in the photos. Feel free to point out photographic works from friends or acquaintances or even famous photographers to show us how exactly you would like us to cover this beautiful day for you. On a side note, many couples feel we treat them like VIPs on that day and that is exactly what they are!

Who will shoor the photos?

All our photographers come from the team of the Studio. Eugenio Luti, the owner of the studio, has chosen only the best photographers to work with him. He himself holds numerous certificates of completed courses and has won many prizes countrywide and internationally for the standard of excellence he has provided in his wedding photography in the past. Eugenio will be delighted to show you his winning titles and who knows, one of your photos might be next! You will be able to choose your photographer at the moment of the signing of the contract.

Will our photos be published on your website?

We do publish particularly engaging photos on our website unless the couple tells us not to. In this case we will respect their privacy and not use their photos for future reference.

We will get married out of town. How far will you travel for us?

We carry out photo shoots all around the world. In northern Italy we love the lakes with their villas and mountains that provide a spectacular backdrop and are world famous for wedding photography settings. On the other hand, each new location is a challenge for us which we love to take up. If we need more than one day to reach your destination or if your wedding takes longer than one day, we will be happy discuss the financial commitment with you.

What are your prices?

There is no single standard price; each photo shoot has got its own cost based on the photographer, the team members involved, the style of the shooting, the number of locations, your choice of photo books and gadgets. We will give you a complete overview when you are in our studio

How do we interpret wedding photography?

For us wedding photography is the apex of a combination of various different styles. It displays the immediacy and inconclusiveness of documentary photography, fast shooting times and the spirit of key moments captured in crisp movement. It bears notions of fashion photography in which texture of skin, the colours of textiles and the brilliance of eyes and lips come to the fore. It includes editorial content through the capture of chronological events and group pictures in distinct settings. Portrait photography plays a role as well, the choice of the right lighting and lenses. (We will tell you a secret about the use of our favourite lens when you come into the studio). Most important of all is to bring out the distinct features of each wedding couple in spirit and body as seen through the lens of one of our team photographers whose working style is coherent and recognizable.

Do you do pose photography?

We typically capture your wedding day spontaneously, however, if you feel that you would like to include some formal shots of yourselves, with your family or group photos, we will be happy to oblige.

How many pictures will there be in black and white and how many in colour?

The choice of b/w and colour photography depends on the situation and on the atmosphere. Depending on the message that each version of a photo is able to transmit and how the photo is arranged among other photos in the album, Eugenio will decide in each case so that the spirit of the moment and the emotions captured are best expressed while maintaining the feeling of coherence and elegance throughout the photo album. Of course you can bring in your preferences and Eugenio and his team will incorporate them to present you with an album that you will always be proud to show around.

How will we get the album?

We present the finished album in person and use the meeting as an opportunity to relive the excitement and happiness of that day together with you, photo by photo. If you live further away from us we are happy to send it by courier making sure it arrives safe and sound and in the shortest possible time. We will look at the different shipping costs together before you sign the contract.

Do you also offer pre- and post-wedding photo shoots?

Together with Eugenio‘s professional experience in the US he has also imported a service that is very common overseas: the pre-wedding photography service. It is an occasion for future spouses to get professional pictures that illustrate their personal lives and tell their day-to-day stories before the wedding day. These pictures are also often an opportunity to revisit the place where the couple met for the first time and they help make come alive again the emotions of that first encounter. Eugenio will accompany you on a trip back in time and capture it to last. The pre-wedding photo shoot is also a great moment to see how a photographer works and to get onto the same wave length with him. Some people might feel self-conscious in front of a camera but will ease up after a while. If you feel easy and unrestrained in front of the camera on your wedding day, you will congratulate yourself for having prepared so carefully and you will look much more natural in your photos.

Do you also offer video shoots?

We are highly specialized photographers and love our job. We can, however, get you in touch with colleagues who work in video and who adhere to the highest standards just like us.