From Our Couples

“A true professional! I highly recommend Eugenio to everyone!
We could not ask for more: kind,
helpful and careful in every situation. And undoubtedly very good! We were very pleased with the work that was delivered to us! Thanks Eugenio, a real guarantee!”

“Fantastic: that’s the word we have said to each other when we have received the wedding photos. Eugenio was always available and made us understand immediately that it was the right choice. We were lucky enough to be able to have two photographers for our wedding, who also allowed us to take photos of the preparations with a lot of emotions! What more can I say than a thank you very much for these memories that we will never forget.”

“Fantastic! Eugenio and Tomo are a wonderful team!
Super available and professional.
I haven’t seen the final photos yet but I can’t wait, I have no doubt they will be amazing!”

“Simply fantastic! We met Eugenio thanks to our wedding planners "Dab Wedding": once we saw his work we were immediately fascinated!
The images of our big day are pure magic, Eugenio and Tomo are very supportive and available. Both are capable of capturing natural yet magical moments, we couldn’t have asked for more! We highly recommend Eugenio and Tomo to anyone who wants to capture the beauty and emotion of their big day. Flawless!”

“Great professionalism, Eugenio and Tomo are truly exceptional. I think their photography will be a true masterpiece!”

“Excellent, super precise, careful and down to earth. Very professional, diversified service and custom made for the bride and the groom. We are super satisfied, I would recommend it to everyone!”

“Eugenio’s photos represented and best captured every single moment of our wedding, making us relive and giving us a thrill of that fantastic day!”

““Fantastic experience! Eugenio accompanied us in every step to make our wedding unforgettable. Very professional and attentive to detail, but above all empathetic, able to capture and transform the emotions of this unique day into every shot.””

““We couldn’t have hoped for better! We entrusted Eugenio and his team for the wedding photos and videos and we are super enthusiastic. They were with us from the preparation of the bride and gro- om to the cutting of the cake and beyond and they documented the most beautiful day in the best possible way and without being intrusive. Now we have some exciting videos and beautiful photos left thanks to Eugenio’s creative ideas. Thank you! “”

““We are delighted to have chosen Eugenio and Tomo to carry out our wedding photo shoot. Very kind and professional from the first cognitive meetings to the delivery of the album. They made beau- tiful, spontaneous photos, full of joy and emotions. If you want to be sure of having a special memory of your wedding, we recommend them wholeheartedly.”
A thousand thanks! “”

““I recommend for all the best weddings. Great experiences!””

““We wanted to thank Eugenio, because he is a truly exceptional person: always available and always ready to satisfy every single request from the bride and groom, above all from the bride! We found ourselves in perfect harmony with him, he is truly number 1 and a professional. We thank him from the bottom of our hearts for capturing every moment of a day that was simply perfect for us. His photos are truly unique, magical shots, as if the photos wanted to come to life and tell us something exciting. Thanks”

““The photographs are wonderful, professionalism in the service, punctuality in delivery. The photo album is of quality, delivery of all the best post-produced photos and in high resolution. Advised.””

““Eugene is a true professional! Excellent quality photographs that can be defined as real portraits: capture the most significant moments managing to transfer the emotional charge of the subjects present, a still image of absolute value combined with a professional, discreet, helpful and never intrusive attitude, fundamental characteristics for those who like me she wanted a very special and genuine wedding! Thanks Eugene!””

““Eugenio and Tomo were nothing short of perfect! Discreet but always present during all the momen- ts of the wedding, they then gave us unique photos and memories. Available to accommodate our requests, cordial and nice, they are able to capture the most intimate expressions of spouses and guests. Truly unique!””

““Simply fantastic! I recommend Eugenio to all future spouses, seriousness, professionalism and a wonderful person!
In our case it was love at first sight when we saw his photos, we were very sure that the memory of the most beautiful day of our lives was immortalized forever in a splendid and spontaneous way just as we wanted! During the reception we requested the service with polaroid photos, and what can we say the guests were really happy!
Thank you so much Eugenio for the love you put into your shots!””

““Eugenio is the photographer we chose after a careful selection...and I must say that he managed to exceed all our expectations!
Professional, flexible and attentive to detail, he definitely loves his job and the numerous prizes and awards can only confirm this.
His approach is spontaneous and creative, combining reportage style with some elements of fashion photography. The result is exceptional and unique shots that can really excite and that we never get tired of looking at, catching some new detail ever”

““The thing I cared most about for our wedding were shots that left their mark and I couldn’t have made a better choice by choosing Eugenio!
Indiscreet but always constant presence to capture every moment of your day! Spontaneous shots, alive, full of emotion .. really, seeing is believing! I would choose him again 1000 times!””

““Eugenio and his staff are professionals of the highest level. We relied on Eugenio for our wedding photo shoot and it is a choice that we would do again without a doubt. Professionalism, competence and dedication, for a service of undisputed quality.””

““Everything was perfect.
Eugenio guided us throughout the wedding giving us perfect shots. Never intrusive.
I would choose him and Tomo again a hundred times over.””

“Eugenio & Tomo were an absolute dream!!
They were so professional but fun
We now have the most amazing pictures from our special day that we will cherish forever. Thank you so much for the beautiful natural photos, we love them so much!!”

We chose to rely on Eugenio and Tomo for our wedding day and we couldn't have made a better choice. They were both impeccable, professional but also very nice! They managed to capture all the highlights of our big day. The photos are beautiful, they fully evoke all the happiness we felt! An indelible memory.
Thank you so much guys, the passion you have for your work will always pay off.”

“We chose Eugenio and Paolo for our wedding. They were always available, professional and discreet. The photos are very spontaneous and impactful and the video represented our day very well. They made us emotional! Thank you”