alex & KIRSTEN

On the pristine peaks of Belalp, amidst a magical embrace of snow and clear skies, Alex and Kirsten painted their love story.

A whispered "I do" under falling snowflakes, as the sun kissed the mountains with golden light. Knowing glances, radiant smiles, a love that unfolds in the purity of winter.

Eugenio Luti, a painter of emotions, captured the magic of every moment with his lens. Images that tell a tale of joy, tenderness, and the promise of a future intertwined.

Fireworks illuminated the sky, sealing a dream come true. A fairytale wedding, carved into memory and etched in the heart.

Thank you, Alex and Kirsten, for letting me capture your fairytale. And thank you to the Hamilton Lodge Hotel for making this day an unforgettable enchantment.