As Eugenio Luti I choose to work as a wedding photographer because I enjoy to observe love in all its aspects: the feelings of a father who accompanies his daughter to the altar, capturing in one click the guests' euphoria, the unforgettable first dance of two lovers on their wedding day.

“Wedding photography is a great goal for me, as well as a major gratification. It allows me to realize every couple's dream to revive their emotions forever, capturing the image of that cake which after being cut disappears, the tension that vanishes after the ceremony, the flowers and the atmosphere of that magical day fading in the dark of the night.

I remain fascinated by the story of each couple, I listen to them and I am able to understand their agitation during the meetings before the big day. This allows me to understand the importance of a look, a smile, a gesture, a tear, leading into the image feelings and sensations of those unforgettable and unique moments.

My work consists in looking beyond everything and in the end stop the emotion of the moment.

Marriage is a unique day and for this reason the images have to be alive enough to revive the same emotion with identical intensity all the memories of that wonderful day… ”

With my passion I realize weddings throughout Italy and abroad, everywhere there is a chance to tell teh story of the most beautiful event in life through photography, leaving people free to express themselves and talk with natural gestures, taken almost “hidden”.