Eugenio Luti was born in Milan in 1981.

After attending artistic high school, he graduated in photography in 2004 at the European Institute of Design in Milan. In the same year he start working for the photojournalism agency LaPresse, becoming a professional photographer.

Fascinated by the world of fashion, he continues his profession alongside one of the best known photographers on the Italian scene, Sergio Caminata. It is during this collaboration, that Eugenio has the opportunity to work for clients such as Armani, Valentino, Tod’s, Converse and many others, as well as for important magazines in the sector on the world scene.

During the same period, he had the opportunity to spend a few months in New York, where he approached wedding reportage, getting in touch with the style and images of American photojournalism.

What makes his shots unique is precisely the ability to be able to combine the reportage, which is the basis of his philosophy, with fashion photography with all its elegance, its pure and finely aesthetic image.

Strengthened by the knowledge and technical skills acquired, in 2009 he opened his own studio in Milan.


Tomoyuki was born in Nagano in Japan in 1981.

He moved to Italy in 1998 where he lives between Siena and Florence to learn the Italian language and pursue his artistic passion. In 1999 he moved to Milan where he attended the European Institute of Design, specifically the Interior Design course, his study led him to take care of detail and a very linear image.

Later he attended the CFP Riccardo Bauer school of photography in Milan, where he concluded his training, starting what would become his profession.

He realizes several photographic exhibitions where he exhibits his stories, his images become part of the Visual Echo exhibition in Genshou_Temple.

He moved to Naples to perfect his photography where as an assistant he worked alongside great names in photography including Mimmo Jodice.

Back in Milan, he continues his passion for design which leads him to create images for important magazines in the sector and collaborates with various artisans and designers taking care of their image.

In 2016 he joined Eugenio Luti’s team where he approached wedding photography on tiptoe. In 2018 he became the first photographer of the studio, bringing his precise imprint and a fresh and natural image.



Paolo joins the Eugenio Luti studio in 2020.

He deals with video production with a unique sensitivity and attention.

Together with the rest of the team, she carries out the story project on the wedding day in a spontaneous and elegant way. His expert use of the camera and his eye for the day led us to create a high quality Film product, where sound and image merge to create an emotional wedding day memory.

He loves this job and dedicates himself with great seriousness and precision to leave a timeless memory to our customers. Paolo is also involved in directing and commercials for various international brands.

As director of photography he collaborates with important communication agencies.


Eugenio Luti’s photographs have entered the rankings of important national contests with ANFM and have received awards from important associations in the sector, which protect wedding images and the figure of the professional photographer, such as ANFM, WPJA, FEARLESS, ISPWP, WPS and BEST OF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY.

TOP 10 wedding photographers 2015 ANFM Italy 4th place Photographer of the Year

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