Welcome to the "Real Weddings" section of my website! Here you can immerse yourself in the stories of real weddings, captured through my lens with an emotional and creatively fashionable style.

Each wedding featured here is a genuine celebration of love and unity, and I have dedicated myself to documenting every significant moment with passion and sensitivity. Through the images you'll find here, you can relive the joy, emotion, and love that permeated these special days.

My photographic approach combines a creative fashion aesthetic with the ability to capture the most authentic and spontaneous moments. I always strive to create images that are not only visually appealing but also deeply meaningful, capable of capturing the unique essence of each couple and their wedding.

Each wedding story is accompanied by important details such as the date and location of the event, as well as the thoughts and impressions of the protagonists on their experience with my photography services. This provides you with a comprehensive view of what to expect when you choose to entrust me with documenting your special day.

I hope these stories inspire you and help you envision what your wedding could be like through my lens. I look forward to being part of your journey and capturing the most precious moments of your love story.

Andrea and Dalila's Tale at the Heart of the Annunciata Convent

An Enchanting Wedding: Andrea and Dalila's Tale at the Heart of the Annunciata Convent

The unbreakable bond between Andrea and Dalila found its utmost expression in a dreamlike wedding, which transported the couple from Milan to the marvelous Annunciata Convent. The bucolic atmosphere enveloped the day in a cloak of magic, while the dinner in the enchanting surrounding woods added a touch of enchantment to the entire event.

To orchestrate this symphony of emotions was the skillful hand of DAB Wedding Events, which molded every detail with a touch of elegance, making the place even more suggestive. Their mastery in coordinating the elements contributed to creating a wedding that will remain indelible in the memory of all present.

The photographs, true visual poems, immortalized the essence of every single moment. Through the shots, one can perceive the intensity of the emotion that permeated Andrea and Dalila's wedding, allowing them to relive those special moments every time they leaf through the album of memories. They are certainly destined to become precious treasures, guardians of a love that defies time.

In conclusion, Andrea and Dalila's wedding was more than an event: it was an enchanted journey in which every detail contributed to creating a timeless love story. The magic of the Annunciata, the artistry of DAB Wedding Events, and the emotion captured in the photographs make this wedding an unforgettable chapter in the story of two souls who chose to intertwine their destinies forever.

A Love Story in Pictures: Michela and Luca's Wedding at Mulino di Massimbona

In the serene embrace of Mulino di Massimbona, Michela and Luca embarked on a journey of love and togetherness, captured beautifully by the lens of Eugenio Luti and his team. Guided by the expert touch of Nives Malvestiti in orchestrating every detail, their wedding became a canvas of romance and enchantment.

Within the ancient walls of the mill and the sprawling greenery surrounding it, Michela and Luca celebrated their union in an atmosphere dripping with magic. Every element, meticulously crafted by Nives Malvestiti, contributed to crafting a dreamlike setting, perfectly suited for their special day.

Eugenio Luti effortlessly captured the essence of each moment, transforming stolen glances and tender touches into works of art. Each photograph became a reflection of the emotions that permeated that special day, immortalizing Michela and Luca's contagious happiness and the warmth of their loved ones.

The images curated by Eugenio Luti transcended mere photographs; they became pages of a love story, fragments of a tale that will continue to unfold indefinitely. Each picture narrated a precious part of that unforgettable day, brimming with smiles, tears of joy, and vows of eternal love.

Michela and Luca's wedding at Mulino di Massimbona was a journey through the deepest and most authentic emotions, an experience that will remain alive in their hearts and minds forever. May their love continue to grow and flourish, like a precious flower in the garden of existence.

A Magical Wedding at Villa Gaia Gandini, Milan's Navigli

In the heart of Milan's bustling Navigli district, Luca and Raphaella from the United States chose to celebrate their special day. With the expert touch of wedding planner Sugar Events, Villa Gaia Gandini provided the perfect backdrop for their enchanting Jewish ceremony and unforgettable reception.

Against the backdrop of the Navigli's picturesque canals, our lens captured every heartfelt moment as Luca and Raphaella exchanged vows. The golden hues of sunset added to the romantic ambiance, making for stunning photographs.

Under the expert guidance of Sugar Events, the reception was a jubilant affair filled with lively dances and infectious laughter. Our photographs immortalize the joy and love that filled the air, creating lasting memories for Luca, Raphaella, and their guests.

This wedding was a true celebration of love, expertly curated by Sugar Events against the backdrop of Milan's timeless charm.

Intimate Celebration Among the Vineyards of Emilia: Moritz & Maraike's Special Day

Amongst the vineyards of the picturesque Emilian countryside, a wedding unfolded, enchanting in its simplicity and authenticity. Moritz and Maraike, a couple from Berlin, chose to crown their love in a setting that reflected their vision of an intimate and meaningful celebration. And I, Eugenio Luti, had the privilege of capturing every moment of this unforgettable day with my camera.

From the outset, I could sense the atmosphere of serenity and love surrounding Moritz and Maraike. Their decision to marry amidst the vineyards of an Emilian winery added a touch of poetry and authenticity to this special day.

Without a lavish canopy of fresh flowers, Moritz and Maraike opted for a simple ceremony where words had the power to convey everything they felt for each other. And so, under the open sky and surrounded by nature, they exchanged vows of eternal love.

As a wedding photographer, my task was to capture the beauty of this moment without interfering with its spontaneity. I worked discreetly, immortalizing tender glances, radiant smiles, and tears of joy that made that day so special.

The end result is a visual narrative of the purity and simplicity of true love. The images I captured tell the story of a unique day, where every detail was imbued with meaning and authenticity.

In conclusion, being part of such an intimate and authentic wedding was a privilege I will never forget. Moritz and Maraike chose to celebrate their love in a simple yet profound way, and I am grateful to have been able to capture the beauty of this moment for them and for future generations.

A Enchanting Jewish Wedding at the Luxurious Villa Erba on Lake Como

A wedding is one of the most significant moments in a couple's life, an occasion to celebrate the love and mutual commitment of two individuals. And when it comes to a Jewish wedding in the magnificent setting of Villa Erba on Lake Como in Cernobbio, every moment becomes even more magical and memorable.

Recently, I had the honor of capturing the most beautiful day in the lives of Zion & Micol, a couple whose connection and joy were palpable in every shot. Thanks to the professionalism and attention to detail of Sugar Events, the entire event was masterfully orchestrated, giving the bride, groom, and guests an unforgettable experience.

The atmosphere of celebration and serenity permeated every moment, from the evocative Jewish ceremony in the villa's park to the vibrant and joyous celebration that followed. Every detail, from the floral decorations to the delicate candles, was harmoniously integrated to create an enchanting setting.

As a wedding photographer, I had the privilege of capturing not only images but emotions: the affection in the eyes of the newlyweds, the euphoria of family and friends, and the contagious joy that permeated the entire day. Each shot tells a story, a timeless memory that will be a precious treasure for years to come.

Villa Erba, with its elegance and splendor, provided the perfect backdrop for this dream wedding. The tranquil waters of Lake Como added a touch of magic, creating an atmosphere of serenity and romantic beauty that made every moment even more special.

Ultimately, Zion & Micol's wedding was much more than an event; it was an experience that touched the hearts of everyone involved. It was an honor for me to be the custodian of these memories, and I am grateful to have been able to capture the beauty and love of this unforgettable day.

May their journey together be illuminated by the same joy and love that permeated their wedding, and may these memories continue to inspire and warm their hearts for a lifetime.

Capturing the Most Beautiful Day: Pier and Imane's Wedding at the Giardino del Fuenti

In the breathtaking setting of the Amalfi Coast, amidst the waves caressing the cliffs and the vibrant colors of lemon adorning the terraces, I had the honor of capturing the most beautiful day in Pier and Imane's life. The Giardino del Fuenti, a location that enchants the senses and captivates the soul, brought to life an unforgettable wedding, an ode to love and the beauty of Italian culture.

Perched atop the sea, the Giardino del Fuenti provided the perfect backdrop for this extraordinary celebration. Its privileged position offered the bride, groom, and guests a breathtaking panorama that left everyone spellbound. The waves gently crashed against the cliffs as the sun slowly set on the horizon, painting the sky with hues of pink and gold.

Pier and Imane chose a luxurious and significant setting for their special day, and every detail reflected their vision of a dream wedding. The atmosphere was imbued with elegance and sophistication, with incredible decorations capturing the very essence of love and happiness.

The party that followed the ceremony was an explosion of joy and merriment. Guests toasted to the newlyweds, danced into the night, and created unforgettable memories. Music and laughter filled the air, while lights danced under the starry sky.

As a wedding photographer, it was an honor to document every moment of this extraordinary day. Capturing the smiles, the knowing glances, and the palpable emotions was a privilege that I will always cherish.

Francesco and Federica's Magnificent Wedding in Santa Margherita, Liguria

I am thrilled to share with you the exceptional experience I had the privilege of documenting: Francesco and Federica's wedding in the stunning setting of Santa Margherita, Liguria, at the beautiful Villa Durazzo.

For couples seeking a wedding full of emotion and style, this event was a true spectacle for the eyes and the heart.

The day began with a moving religious ceremony, celebrated in one of the enchanting churches of Santa Margherita. Francesco and Federica, immersed in a whirlwind of happiness, exchanged their vows of eternal love in front of family and friends, enveloped by the magical atmosphere of this place steeped in history and spirituality.

But it was after the ceremony that the real celebration began. The festivities moved to the splendid Villa Durazzo, where every detail was curated with impeccable taste, creating an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication.

Thanks to the mastery of Antaresway Wedding Planner, every moment was orchestrated with precision, giving the bride and groom and their guests an unforgettable experience. Fashion details and a glamorous atmosphere made this celebration truly unique.

As a photographer, I had the honor of capturing every moment of this extraordinary day. The images tell a story of love and companionship, of laughter and tears of joy, conveying the emotion experienced in that moment.

Capturing Love's Tale: Nicolò and Charlotte's Elopement in Denmark

As Eugenio Luti, the chosen photographer for Nicolò and Charlotte's elopement in Denmark, I was thrilled from the moment I heard about the opportunity to capture the intimacy and beauty of such a special occasion on a Danish island.

As I snapped away, I aimed to narrate their love story through images that encapsulated their deep connection and the tangible joy enveloping them. The magical atmosphere of the island provided the perfect backdrop for our shots, with breathtaking landscapes melding seamlessly with the couple's happiness.

During the celebration, I had the chance to immortalize spontaneous and authentic moments, from the contagious laughter of their friends to the sweetness in Nicolò and Charlotte's gazes as they exchanged vows.

Every photo I took captured a piece of the soul of this extraordinary couple and the stunning Denmark that surrounded them. I hope my images serve as an indelible memory of this perfect day, a testament to their eternal love and the timeless beauty of this enchanted place.

An Elegant Celebration on Garda Island: The Unforgettable Wedding of Giacomo and Elena

The romantic setting of Garda Island, nestled in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Garda, served as an enchanting backdrop for the unforgettable wedding of Giacomo and Elena. This charming couple chose to entrust Sugar Events to oversee every detail of an event as special as it was refined.

The photographic service, entrusted to professionals capable of capturing the essence of every moment, brought to life images that convey the authenticity and beauty of this unique moment. The refined style of the photographs captured the spontaneity and elegance of Giacomo and Elena, recounting their love story with grace and sensitivity.

One of the most remarkable features of this wedding was the choice to include shots that reflect the authenticity and beauty of Italian life. The photos taken aboard a boat captured the unique atmosphere of the lake, conveying a sense of freedom and serenity that only such a suggestive place can offer.

Garda Island proved to be not only a perfect setting for this luxury wedding but also an oasis of tranquility and natural beauty that contributed to creating indelible memories for the bride and groom and their guests.

The breathtaking shots taken during this photographic service are not just static images but true visual narratives that capture the emotion and energy of such a special day. Thanks to the skill of the photographers and the beauty of the location, Giacomo and Elena will forever have a precious treasure trove of memories to relive every time they gaze upon the splendid photographs of their wedding on Garda Island.

Wedding in Santorini: Vlad and Anna's Dream

I had the privilege of capturing the wedding of Vlad and Anna, a couple who chose Santorini as the backdrop for their special day. The ceremony and reception took place at La Ciel, on a terrace overlooking the infinite sea.

Santorini, with its enchanting colors and atmospheres, turned every moment of the photo shoot into a masterpiece. The ceremony, surrounded by the love of their loved ones, was a moment filled with emotions. The reception was equally unforgettable, with toasts under the stars and local delicacies.

Looking at the photographs of this wonderful day, I still feel the emotion of those moments. Santorini will forever be the place where their love was celebrated and immortalized.

The Photographic Tale of Alex and CharloTTE

A Love Saga on Lake Como: The Photographic Tale of Alex and Charlotte

In the enchanted lands of Lake Como, a spell of magic enveloped the union of Alex and Charlotte, who arrived from London in search of an Italian dream. Entrusting their day to the expert care of Venere Event, their wedding transformed into a journey through the nuances of the soul.

Suspended between raindrops and sunbeams, the atmosphere danced to the rhythm of emotions, creating a surreal stage for the photographic session. Each capture, a fragment of eternity, immortalized the fusion of enamored hearts, amidst vibrant gazes and contented smiles.

Like strokes of light, the photographers painted a picture of intimacy and passion, where every corner of Lake Como was a haven for love. The wedding album thus becomes a visual poem, a hymn to the joy and beauty of being united in an indissoluble bond.

For Alex and Charlotte, that day was not just a wedding, but a saga of intense feelings, etched forever in their hearts thanks to the magical enchantment of the photographs.

Capturing Eternal Love: Enrico and Ludovica's Magical Wedding Day at Lake Maggiore

It sounds like Enrico and Ludovica had a truly magical wedding day at Lake Maggiore. With the help of the talented wedding planner Sugar Events, they were able to create a celebration that was full of color, love, and emotion. I'm sure it was a day that they will cherish forever.

That's wonderful to hear! It's so important to have a wedding that reflects your personal style and captures the essence of your relationship. I'm so glad Enrico and Ludovica were able to achieve that with the help of Sugar Events. I'm sure they'll have beautiful memories of their special day for years to come.

Yes, photos and videos are indeed a testimonial of this special love. They will capture the essence of Enrico and Ludovica's wedding day, preserving the beauty and emotion of the moment for years to come. They can look back on these photos and videos and relive the joy, happiness, and love that they felt on that special day. These memories will be cherished forever.

A Wedding of Elegance and Sophistication: Andrea and Carolina's Photo Shoot in Milan

In the heart of the vibrant city of Milan, at the prestigious Circolo dei Giardini, Andrea and Carolina celebrated their wedding, an event that embodied luxury and elegance in every detail. Guided by the expertise of Marianna, an experienced wedding planner, and the renowned restaurant of Vittorio, awarded with three Michelin stars, the couple experienced an unforgettable day.

The wedding was a triumph of elegance and attention to detail, where every moment was impeccably immortalized thanks to the talent of the attending photographers. The captured images skillfully captured the essence of each moment, providing the couple with precious memories to cherish forever.

The chosen logo for the event perfectly reflected the spirit of luxury and sophistication that permeated the entire day, adding a touch of class to Andrea and Carolina's wedding.

In the enchanting setting of Circolo dei Giardini, every detail was carefully curated, creating a magical and enveloping atmosphere. From the flowers to the decorations, from the arrangement of spaces to the selection of the star-studded menu, everything was designed to offer the couple and their guests an unforgettable experience.

Under the watchful eye of the photographers, every smile, every embrace, and every moment of joy was immortalized, becoming an integral part of a visual narrative that will remain alive in the couple's memories forever.

Andrea and Carolina's wedding in Milan was much more than just an event: it was an experience of pure beauty and sophistication, made even more special by the splendid images that captured its essence. An unforgettable day, a dream wedding, a celebration of love and happiness that will remain etched in the hearts of all who took part.

An Emotional Wedding at Lake Como: Adrian and Carlos

It's always an honor for a wedding photographer to capture such special moments as those experienced by Adrian and Carlos at the picturesque Lake Como. Their wedding celebration was an experience filled with emotions that left an indelible mark on our hearts.

When this charming couple from Florida chose the stunning backdrop of Lake Como for their big day, we knew it would be an unforgettable affair. Behind our camera lens, we had the privilege of witnessing and immortalizing every moment filled with joy and happiness.

The palpable emotions permeating the air were tangible from the early hours of the morning as the couple prepared for the momentous occasion. Every smile, every glance, and every gesture reflected the deep and genuine love Adrian and Carlos felt for each other.

As the ceremony unfolded along the lake's shores, against the breathtaking backdrop of the surrounding mountains, this couple's love radiated intensely. Each vow spoken was a tribute to their unique connection and the promise of a bright future together.

The highlight of the day was the passionate kiss that sealed their commitment, eliciting a burst of applause and joy from their loved ones in attendance. It was a moment that perfectly captured the intensity of the emotions shared by Adrian and Carlos on that special day.

Throughout the celebration, as guests danced and laughed under the starry sky, we continued to capture every smile, every hug, and every moment of pure happiness. Our photographs became the silent witness to a love so authentic and overwhelming.

Looking back on this emotional wedding at Lake Como, we are grateful for the opportunity to have captured and shared the beauty of such a special moment. Adrian and Carlos will forever remain in our hearts as a vivid example of true and lasting love.

A Dream Wedding in Punta Ala: Tomaso and Guendalina

In the heart of beautiful Tuscany, amidst the waves of the sea and the scents of cypress trees, an unforgettable wedding was celebrated. Tomaso and Guendalina chose the picturesque setting of Punta Ala for their big day, hosting friends and family in a private villa that served as the backdrop for a magical and romantic event.

Their love found refuge within the walls of this historic residence, immersing itself in the timeless beauty of the Tuscan countryside. The villa's park transformed into an enchanted garden, where flowers and lights created fairy-tale atmospheres, offering the newlyweds and their guests a unique and unforgettable experience.

But even before immersing themselves in the magic of the villa, there was a fundamental stop: the celebration in the picturesque village church. The bells rang joyfully, announcing the union of Tomaso and Guendalina, while the emotional gazes of those present made that moment even more special.

The ceremony was a spectacle of emotions and love, an intimate and solemn moment that marked the beginning of a new adventure for the couple. The promises exchanged between the two lovers made the air vibrate with joy and emotion, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of all those present.

And so, amidst the green of nature and the blue of the sea, amidst the ancient walls of a historic residence and the simplicity of a country church, Tomaso and Guendalina experienced their dream wedding. A special day, filled with love, happiness, and wonder, immortalized forever in the memories and photographs of this unforgettable event.

An Enchanted Wedding on Monterosso Hill: Nicolò and Chiara's Story

In the picturesque setting of Monterosso hill, a wedding was celebrated that stirred the hearts of all present with emotions. Nicolò and Chiara, the protagonists of this modern fairy tale, chose this magical place to unite their lives in eternal bond.

The day began with a religious celebration in the quaint church overlooking the sea, providing the bride and groom and their guests with a breathtaking spectacle. The sacred and solemn atmosphere enveloped the couple as they exchanged vows of eternal love, sealing their commitment to a life together.

But the charm of this wedding did not end with the religious ceremony; it continued with the reception held in an enchanted location, skillfully curated by the expert hands of Antaresway wedding planner. An enchanted garden, enriched by vibrant colors and the breathtaking view of the sea, served as the backdrop for an unforgettable evening.

The photographs of this event are much more than mere images; they are true testimonies of love and emotion. Each shot captures the most significant moments of this special day, transforming them into indelible memories for the bride and groom and for all those who had the privilege of attending.

Nicolò and Chiara lived a true fairy tale, where love was the guiding thread of every moment. Their wedding on Monterosso hill will remain forever etched in their hearts and in the minds of those who were fortunate enough to share this unique and unforgettable experience with them.

The Unbreakable Love of Emanuele and Carolina at Villa Sparina

When two kindred souls meet, it's as if destiny intertwines its threads to create an unbreakable bond. Emanuele and Carolina perfectly embody this notion, as their love is a pure and vibrant essence that has made every moment of their wedding special.

Guided masterfully and passionately by Sara from Your Welcome Event, every detail was lovingly attended to, transforming Villa Sparina into a true paradise for the occasion. The magical atmosphere of the villa, with its spectacular cellar, added a touch of poetry to this significant day.

The ceremony was a moment of emotion and happiness, where the loving gazes of Emanuele and Carolina told the story of their love better than any words could. Every vow exchanged was an eternal commitment of love.

An Enchanted Wedding: Elena and Francesco at Villa Labirinto, Brescia

In the heart of the picturesque city of Brescia, amidst the green hills adorning the Lombardy region, stands the majestic Villa Labirinto. And in this place steeped in history and charm, destiny intertwined the lives of Elena and Francesco in an indissoluble knot of love and promises.

Their special day was meticulously curated by Sugar Events, an agency that made every moment memorable, orchestrating a celebration that will remain etched in the hearts of all who were fortunate enough to attend.

And so, in this unique setting, where light dances through the branches of ancient trees and colors harmoniously blend with emotions, Elena and Francesco's wedding photography session took place.

The photographs captured on this day are more than simple images: they are fragments of an intimate and delicate tale, where every smile, every glance, and every gesture narrate the magic of a love that defies time.

Elena and Francesco, enveloped in the romantic atmosphere of Villa Labirinto, offered moments of pure joy and complicity to the photographers' lenses. Among the ancient walls of this historic residence, they exchanged vows of eternal love, sealing their bond with a kiss that echoed in the serene air of the villa.

The mastery of Eugenio Luti was essential in capturing not only the most significant moments but also the most delicate details: the flowers adorning the spaces, the lights dancing under the starry sky, the smiles of the guests who shared this unforgettable day with them.

And so, thanks to the magic of Villa Labirinto and the care of Sugar Events, Elena and Francesco's wedding photography session became a precious treasure trove of memories, a treasure to be cherished forever.

In these photographs, light, color, and emotions merge in perfect harmony, giving the newlyweds and all who participated in this special day an indelible memory of a love destined to last forever.

Richard and Janni's Wedding at Villa del Balbianello and Villa Regina Teodolinda on Lake Como

In the realm of wedding photography, there's something magical about witnessing two souls intertwine in eternal union. That's precisely what I had the honor of capturing on the most beautiful day of Richard and Janni's lives. Hailing from England, this charming couple chose the enchanting shores of Lake Como as the backdrop for their fairytale wedding.

The day began with the golden light of the sun gracing the majestic Villa del Balbianello, a historic residence nestled on the lake's shores. Its lush gardens and breathtaking views provided the perfect setting to celebrate their love. As the couple prepared for the big day, I captured those intimate, emotion-filled moments preceding their walk down the aisle.

Richard and Janni chose to exchange vows under the romantic pergola of Villa del Balbianello, surrounded by the natural beauty and serenity of the lake. It was a moment of pure magic, made even more special by the presence of their friends and family, who had traveled far to witness this timeless love.

After the ceremony, we embarked on a boat to reach the stunning Villa Regina Teodolinda, another luxury residence on Lake Como's shores. The boat journey was an unforgettable experience, with the wind in our hair and the sun dancing on the crystal-clear waters.

Upon arriving at Villa Regina Teodolinda, the festivities continued inside the villa, where Richard and Janni chose to conclude their special day. The sumptuous hall provided the perfect stage for their first dance as husband and wife, as the loving gazes of those present reflected in the elegant decorations and soft lights.

The intimate dinner, meticulously curated by Boutique Events, delighted the senses with refined flavors and local delicacies, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and romance that permeated the entire villa.

As night fell and the lights twinkled around us, I continued to capture Richard and Janni's most precious moments as they danced inside the villa, surrounded by the love and happiness of their loved ones.

Looking back on this extraordinary day, I can't help but feel grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a beautiful celebration of love. Richard and Janni, I wish you all the best for your future together. May your love continue to grow and thrive, like the Lake Como that embraced you on your wedding day.

Emotions on the Most Beautiful Day: Ryan & Giorgia Captured at Villa Rusconi Clerici on Lake Maggiore

A wedding is one of the most special days in a couple's life, a magical moment that deserves to be immortalized in all its beauty. And so it was for Ryan and Giorgia, a couple from England, who chose the picturesque setting of Lake Maggiore and the splendid Villa Rusconi Clerici to celebrate their love.

As a wedding photographer, I had the privilege of capturing every moment of this unforgettable day. Despite the timid arrival of rain, the atmosphere was filled with emotions, and the beauty of the moment could not be overshadowed by storm clouds. On the contrary, the rain added a touch of romance and magic to our photo shoot.

As the drops fell lightly around us, Ryan and Giorgia embraced each other even tighter, conveying an authentic and vibrant connection that was reflected in every shot. Spontaneous laughter and knowing glances made each photo a treasure to cherish forever.

As the hours passed, the sky began to clear, giving us a breathtaking spectacle of scattered clouds and golden reflections on the waters of the lake. It was the perfect moment to capture the beauty of the couple as the day turned into evening, with the sky taking on shades of deep blue.

The romantic atmosphere and contagious energy of Ryan and Giorgia made my work an incredibly rewarding experience. Every shot was infused with love and happiness, testifying to the strength of their bond and the joy of this long-awaited day.

Looking at Ryan and Giorgia's photos, I can relive every moment of that special day. It was an honor to be part of their wedding and to immortalize their love story in such an enchanting setting.

May their journey together be filled with adventures, laughter, and endless love. And may the images I captured be a precious reminder of this unforgettable day, to be shared and admired for a lifetime.